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Fostering Education Scholarship

The Fostering Education Scholarship Fund was established by Village Connection, Inc. and Innovative Fitness for the purpose of providing scholarships to children who are aging out of foster care and lack the funds needed to attend college. We are seeking like-minded partners who are willing to support our aging out of foster care population by making a funding commitment to the Fostering Education Scholarship Fund.

The Fostering Education Scholarship was created to address the financial challenges faced by students aging out of the Georgia foster care system who would like to pursue higher education. The instability of life in foster care often proves to be a distraction from learning and school performance. As one applicant shared in their essay, “We had no control where we will go and where we will live or what foster parents we will get.” Financial resources, mentorship, support, and stability are not commonly available to help these individuals complete degree programs that lead to well-paying, stable employment. This is the reason why caring individuals in our community have joined together to fund these awards. Everlean RutherfordIsaiah Wilcox of Village Connection and Melissa Conti of Innovative Fitness were brought together through CCF because of a shared vision to improve the lives of these resilient youths aging out of foster care by helping them reach their educational goals through scholarships.

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